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How much will it cost?

-calibrations whether etune, road tune, or on the dyno start at $500, once modifications enter the picture the sky's the limit.  Dyno tunes are always verified on the road for great drive-ability unless the vehicle is not EPA compliant

Doesn't a tune decrease reliability?

-a poor tune decreases reliability, good tunes increase it.   Tunes do not always need to be balls to the wall but in general one of my conservative tunes will be a good deal more powerful than stock while being safer for your motor and provide much better drive-ability.  I also tune more aggressively if the customer asks for it and their motor is built or they sign a specific waiver.  In general the limiting factors for most peoples setups on stock motors are the EJ series ring-lands (more specifically the piston ring gap causes the failure) and the FA series connecting rods-bearings.   

What will we use to tune my car?

-we can use a variety of tuning options, from obd ecu reflashing to full standalone setup and tuning.

What do you change in the Calibration (tune) to make it have more power and be more reliable?

-ignition timing, fuel, boost, compensations, limiters and thresholds for the most part

Speed Density V.S. MAF?

-Speed Density is a great way to tune higher hp cars which max out the stock MAF sensors ability to read increased airflow, below this margin there is zero reason to run speed density unless you are coming to the shop with a vehicle only equipped with speed density to control airflow.

Do I need a front mount intercooler?

-probably not needed but increased cooling capacity is usually good for more hp unless  the intercooler is oversized in which case throttle response will suffer

I want to run a bigger turbo why are you telling me its a bad idea?

-Gotta trust the tuna,  the motor setup as a whole is probably not equipped yet to handle the airflow, or the motor is past its prime

I just bought this used modified car can you tune it?

-I can tune any vehicle which I am able access to the ecu with my software and hardware.   If money is no issue we can always do a stand-alone ecu/piggyback setup on any car. 

I let my friend drive my car to the beer store now its knocking was it the tune?

-Don't let your friends drive your car which you just spent a small fortune on even if untuned alone, they have no investment in it so they have no reason not to drive it like an idiot (not all people but why take the risk?).  

What oil should I put in the vehicle?

-I recommend using Alisyn Prodrive 21 Full Synthetic,  there is nothing better but it costs around $50 a gallon.   This is what I put in my own vehicles.  

How long will it take to tune the car on the Dyno/Road and what will I do while you tune it?

-Plan to leave your vehicle for a morning or afternoon if it is just a tune, more involved setups will take more time and you may plan on leaving the vehicle overnight.  Feel free to relax on a couch or chair in the break room, we have a stocked fridge as well for tune customers.