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AWD Dyno Tuning

My Product

CP Pistons are made from the finest 2618 forged billets.  Shown in the picture is a BSP built short block with the 10:1 CP pistons sold here.  With the higher compression ratio/or higher than stock boost levels it is suggested to run a ringed head gasket like this one, which is also sold here.  Higher CR's mean more power both on and off boost but depending on tune and other factors may require the use of higher octane fuel to keep detonation and knock at bay.  If you or your tuner is unfamiliar with high compression ratio tuning it is suggested to go with 9:1 or 8.2:1 pistons.  BSP specializes in high compression motors and tunes for them, check out the motors section of the webstore.  BSP also tunes standard compression just as well!  

Motor Building Consultation 15 Minutes